Why You Should Choose Standing Seam Metal Roofing Over Corrugated Screw Down Roofing For Your Home

If your asphalt shingle roof is in need of repair and your roofing contractor informs you that the entire roof should be replaced sooner rather than later, it may be a good time to consider having a metal roof installed instead. Metal roofing is more sustainable than asphalt shingles. In fact, metal roofing can last as long as 60 years, which is at least twice as long as asphalt shingle roofing.

However, there are a few important things to know about metal roofing before you decide on having one installed to protect your home and your family. Here's what you need to know. 

Choose Standing Seam Instead of Corrugated Screw Down

The two main types of metal roofing to choose from are the standing seam and corrugated screw-down. The main difference between these types of metal roofing is the way they are installed. Standing seam roofing is installed in such a way that there are no screws going directly through the metal, and no screws are exposed to the elements; whereas corrugated metal roofing is screwed down through the metal, which leaves the metal screws exposed to the elements. There are a couple of main reasons why you want to avoid metal roofing that is installed with metal screws going through the metal instead of being hidden by standing seams. 

  • To prevent water leakage through the exposed screws, neoprene washers are installed under each screw. However, washers deteriorate over time and this disintegration can cause water to leak into the screw holes. 
  • As temperatures fluctuate, metal expands and contracts. When the metal roofing is screwed directly to the underlying structure of the roof and the metal expands and contracts as temperatures change, this can cause the screws to back out, which in turn can cause water to infiltrate into the hole created by the screw. 
  • When the screws are installed in a corrugated screw-down roof, fine shavings and chips of metal are created, which is called a swarf in the metal fabrication industry. If any swarf is left to remain on the roof, it can cause rust to form, which can deteriorate the metal roofing and metal screws. 

While corrugated screw-down metal roofing can be ideal in some circumstances, such as for roofing of sheds and barns, it's better to go with a standing seam metal roofing when considering a new roofing material for your home as standing seam metal roofing offers more protection from leaks than corrugated screw-down metal roofing. 

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