Home Window Replacement Considerations For High Wind Areas

Depending on where you live, and the type of weather conditions you face, your window choice can be vital. Ideally, you will face a point where you can have window replacements, upgrades, or repairs before any serious damage occurs. If you are in a high wind and rain area, you may want to take a few key points into consideration regarding the window replacement. Here are a few of those considerations and what to know about each one. 

Storm Shutters

One of the leading ways you can reduce the chances of windows breaking and leaking during high winds and rain is to use storm shutters. These shutters can be fit to the window you choose. They can also be made of several different materials depending on the final look and the durability level you want. Reinforced storm shutters are generally the choice of many homeowners. You may also choose to get hurricane-level storm shutters that are graded for high-level winds and rains. 

Impact Resistance

You may be surprised to know that some windows are available with an impact resistance layer. This layer ranges from a film that can be professionally placed on the windows to a layer placed on the window during the development of the window at the factory. This resistance layer helps to reduce damage from flying debris, heavy winds, and pounding rain. It can also hold up during hail storms. The level of impact resistance may vary depending on the type of windows you have. Your window contractor will be able to assist you with this option if it is available to you. 

Weather Stripping

A part of the window installation is to add weather stripping. There are various types of weather stripping. Some are formulated for all weather conditions. Other variations of the weather stripping are ideal for cold weather conditions and keeping the window insulated. Your window contractor can suggest weather stripping that is either made for all severe weather conditions or specifically for high winds and rain. This will be installed at the time of the window installation. 

By keeping these considerations in mind, you can choose windows that will hold up to high wind and rain throughout the year. If you are unsure if the windows you would like will be durable enough for the weather conditions, ask your window contractor. They can discuss the options and offer solutions that will work for your home and for the weather conditions they may be facing. 

If you need home window replacement, call a contractor near you.

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