Benefits Of A Wood-Burning Fireplace In Rural Areas

There are many homeowners and property owners who purchase land in rural areas. There are several reasons for this ranging from wanting to be in a quiet living environment to a desire to have a sustainable homestead. One of the key elements you may want for your rural home is a fireplace. The issue you may have is choosing what type of fireplace you want and which will be the most ideal for your living environment. Before you opt for an electric or gas fireplace, here are some reasons to consider wood-burning options instead. 

Reduced Heating Costs

One of the leading reasons that rural property owners may choose a wood-burning fireplace is due to heating costs. In rural areas, you may have access to firewood and other wood-burning elements. This means you can source your wood and have your heat throughout the colder months. Compared to electric and gas options, a wood-burning fireplace can reduce your costs significantly. You also do not have to worry about as much maintenance that comes with a gas or electric fireplace option. 

Power Outage

Power outages can happen during storms and especially during winter rain or snowstorms. When the power goes out, you could be left in severe cold weather conditions. If you have an electric fireplace, you will have to wait until the power returns in order to heat the home. With a wood-burning fireplace option, you can heat at least the main part of the house during the power outage. You also have an option that will allow you to heat water for emergency food and warm drinks if the power outage continues for several hours to several days. 

Environmental Considerations

If you are trying to maintain an environmentally friendly living environment, then a wood-burning fireplace is ideal. It does not use electrical power sources or gas sources. You can use the natural wood found near your home on your property. This helps decrease your carbon footprint and allows you to be closer to an off-grid and sustainable lifestyle than the other options available. You avoid having to store fuel in your home or having to have fuel delivered, both of which can add to your carbon footprint and emissions to the environment. 

If you believe a wood-burning fireplace may be ideal for your rural home, contact a fireplace contractor or roofing contractor. They can assess your current roofing situation and the space you want for your fireplace. They can then discuss your options and move forward with your fireplace installation plans. 

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