Why Replacing A Damaged Roof Is Important

Are you concerned about the condition of your roof but do not know if it is time to get it replaced? Rather than taking the risk of your roof caving in from deterioration, get the roof professionally inspected so you will know what kind of work must be done. The worst part of not replacing a damaged roof is that it can cause damage on the inside of your home, and there might already be interior damage present that you are not aware of. When a contractor inspects your roof, he or she will not only look at the roof but also the ceilings in your home. Keep in mind, if you have home insurance, the expenses to get a new roof constructed might be covered by the insurance company.

Does Mold Growth Mean That a Roof Should Be Replaced?

Mold growth does not always mean that a roof is damaged to the extent of needing to be replaced, but it is a good sign that damage is present. For example, for mold to grow on a roof, there must be enough moisture present. If there has been a lot of moisture on your roof for a long time, it is possible that it has begun to deteriorate the deck. Both mold and moisture can lead to a wooden roof deck becoming rotten and developing holes. Once there are holes in the deck, rainwater can get into the house and cause extensive interior damage if the roof isn't replaced soon enough.

Can a Damaged Roof Cause Bubbles to Develop in Ceilings?

If your roof is damaged to the extent of needing to be replaced, it is possible that you will see bubbles in the ceilings in your home. The reason for the formation of bubbles is due to the roof having a severe water leak that has not received any attention. Basically, the bubbles in the ceiling are due to water from the roof seeping into your home and placing a substantial amount of weight on the drywall. If the bubbles burst open, water will come out.

Is There a Lot of Work Involved With Getting a New Roof Constructed?

The size and shape of your roof play a role in how much labor will be involved during the construction process. For example, a flat roof is easier to construct than one that has a lot of ridges and peaks. Contractors will remove the old roofing materials and deck, and then a new roof will be constructed. The specific steps that are taken during the process will depend on the type of roof that is being constructed.

If you're ready for a roof replacement, talk to a roofer for more info.

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