Signs That Your Roof Needs Urgent Repairs

Every homeowner counts on their roof to protect them from the elements. While this is true, roofs also get damaged, and when they do, they can no longer offer protection. Besides, a damaged roof can also cause problems inside the home. As such, you need to have it repaired before things get out of hand. 

These warning signs should tell you that a roofing repair is imminent.

Damaged Flashing

Damaged flashing can be a major weak point on your roof. That said, you should inspect the flashing around your chimney, antennae, and roofing vents. If the flashing looks loose or cracked, then you might have a problem when it rains. Water will infiltrate your home through the damaged flashing and cause further damage. To avoid that, call a roofer to repair or replace the flashing.

Water Leaks

Unlike other roofing problems, water leaks can hardly go unnoticed. The only problem is that you can only notice roof leaks during the rainy season. Roof leaks happen due to clogged gutters, ice dam buildup, cracked vent booting, improperly installed skylight, cracked flashing, and broken shingles.

The bad thing about water leaking through your roof is that it can cause internal damage to your house. Therefore, you should call for roofing repairs immediately if you notice a minor roof leak.

Sagging Roof

A sagging roof is never a good sight, and it can scare your family. As you well know, a sag on your roof could mean that the deck is weak, and the roof can collapse in future. So, if you notice a slight sag, act fast before the situation becomes unsalvageable. Luckily, roofers can correct minor sags by installing reinforcements. 

Damaged or Missing Shingles

If you have an asphalt shingle roof, watch out for damaged or missing shingles. As your roof ages, the shingles will sustain a lot of damage. Some shingles will remain strong, while others will crack or curl. Surprisingly, heavy storms can rip off some of your roof shingles. If you notice some damaged asphalt shingles, call a roofer to repair or patch them. 

Granules on Your Gutters and Driveway

Asphalt shingles contain granules that block the sun's UV rays and heat. Your roof will become weak and susceptible to heat damage without these granules. You can tell that your roof shingles are losing granules by checking the gutters and driveway. If you see sand particles around those parts, just know that your shingles need to be replaced or patched before it's too late.

Those are the top signs that you need roofing repair services. That said, never ignore any of these signs as the problem will continue to worsen. Contact your local residential roofing contractor for help.

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