4 Top Indisputable Signs That Your Commercial Roof Needs Repairs

Commercial roofs are a little different from residential roof designs. While the residential comes from materials like asphalt shingles, slate, and tiles, the commercial roofs are increasingly adopting metal, built-up membranes EPDM(synthetic rubber roofing membranes), and other types of PVC(Polyvinyl Chloride). Commercial buildings are also more likely to have flat roofs, exposing them to wear and tear risks. You do not have to walk up to your commercial roofing to tell when it has some damages that need repairs. Instead, you watch for telltale signs that it is time to call the roof repair contractor. Here are the top four indicators. 

Moisture Accumulation

Moisture problems are usually the first indicator that your roof could be damaged. The usual methods used in commercial roofing include adding a membrane inside the top roofing material. The roof membrane should be a watertight barrier that keeps all water from the outdoors out of the building. Unfortunately, the damage often starts on the roof surface and could result from heavy foot traffic or damaged flashing. The membrane also gets damaged over time, exposing the interiors to moisture. If you notice wetness in the attic, walls, or other internal parts of your commercial structure, it is time to call the professional for an inspection and possibly repairs.

Increasing Energy Bills

The roof plays a crucial role in insulation against heat loss. The composition and materials used to make the commercial roof ensure that any heat produced inside the structure remains within. However, when the material starts deteriorating, it loses its ability to retain the heat. If your heating systems are working harder than they should keep the building warm, it is time to call the roofing contractor. 

Bubbling on the Surface

Bubbles on the surface of the roof are another indicator that your roof could be falling apart and needs repairs. Bubbling affects single-ply roofs that have been fixed to the frame using chemical adhesives. The bubbles on the surface mean the glue is coming off, and moisture is building beneath the top layer. It is wise to get a contractor immediately you notice this problem.

Open Seams

Commercial roofs typically have fasteners that hold the seams together. If your seams start disintegrating, water will get inside the material. Experts recommend getting the contractor to repair the roof.

The roof repair process will be simple when you start it immediately after you notice weaknesses in the roof. The roofing contractor will fix the damage and extend its lifespan. Contact a commercial roofing company in your area to get started.

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