What Kind Of Repair May Be Needed For A Roof Leak?

When your roof is leaking, of course, you need to call a roof repair company and have them come fix the problem. But what, exactly, will they do to fix the roof leak? Well, that depends on what's causing the leak. Here's a look at some of the most common fixes roof repair companies perform when a roof is leaking.

Shingle Replacement

This is the fix most people think of first. It's not always the solution for a roof leak, but sometimes it's what you need. If some of the shingles on your roof are lifted or have fallen off completely, your roof repair team will likely remove those damaged shingles and attach some new ones in their place. 

If your shingles are lifting and deteriorating, this may be an issue across your roof — not just where the leaks are occurring right now. So, don't be surprised if your roofer advises you to have your entire roof replaced soon. Replacing the shingles that are leaking is a good short-term fix, but you may need to replace all the shingles to avoid facing additional leaks in the coming years.

Nail Head Covering

Sometimes, a nail head will pop up a little, allowing water to trickle down the shaft of the nail and through the roof. This usually just leads to little leaks, but even a little water infiltration can cause mold and water damage. If your roofing contractor finds lifted nails on your roof, they'll generally start by pounding those nails back down. Then, they will apply either roofing cement or a similar sealer to the nail head to prevent it from popping up again. Sometimes, they may add a few other nails to that shingle to keep it more securely in place.

Flashing Repair

There are times when the leaks are caused not by shingles or nails, but by flashing. The flashing is the metal sheeting that surrounds chimneys and other projections, and that sometimes lines valleys. If the flashing lifts, which it sometimes can after a storm, water flows in beneath it and then leaks into your home. A roof repair team can seal the flashing down, or if the flashing is bent, they may just replace it.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of the types of repairs your roofing contractor may perform when you call about a roof leak. The fix depends on the cause of the problem 

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