Three Roofing Services You May Not Know Your Asphalt Shingle Roof Needs

You know if your asphalt shingle roof starts leaking, you'd better take quick action and have repairs done. Other times, you may not know your roof needs care. That's why it's good to have your roof checked by a professional occasionally. They'll spot problems that you overlook. Here are some roofing services you may not even know you need.

Add Granules To The Shingles

If your roof is old, the amount of granules the shingles have left is one thing that determines if the roof needs to be replaced. When too many shingles have missing granules, your roof is at a higher risk of UV damage and leaking. What you may not know is that newer roofs can lose granules, too. However, the granule loss is usually in a single location rather than spread over the roof.

A common reason for this is when low-hanging tree branches scrape against the roof when the wind blows. In this case, the roofer might replace the granules rather than replace the shingles. Replacing the granules on your entire roof isn't practical, but replacing them over the space of a few shingles might be an option, and it will help the bare shingles last longer.

Replace A Rubber Boot

You might not realize that the vent pipes that poke out of your roof have a rubber boot on them where they come through the roof. The boot covers the gap and keeps rain from leaking into your attic. Rubber degrades due to exposure to temperature extremes and UV rays. This can cause the rubber to crack and leak.

A roofer checks the boots when they're on the roof doing an inspection or quick check. Boots that have deteriorated can be replaced with new boots and flashing to keep your roof watertight.

Remove Moss Growth

If your roof looks like it has something growing on it, call a roofer to check your roof and identify the growth. Algae is common on roofs and appears as ugly black streaks. Moss is also fairly common, and it looks more like plant growth. Algae is ugly, but it doesn't harm your roof the same way moss does.

If your roof has moss growth, the moss needs to be removed because the moss gets under shingles and loosens them. This makes it more likely the shingles will fly off in a storm. Plus, moss flourishes where moisture is present, so if your roof has moss, it may have a moisture problem, too.

While these might not be the most common roofing services that you'll need over your asphalt shingle roof's lifetime, they are important since all of these repairs help stop roof leaks. Keeping up with common and uncommon repairs helps your roof last for years and keeps rain out of your attic.

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