3 Best Roof Types For Snowy Climate

When a harsh winter rears its ugly head, temperatures plummet, heavy snowfalls ensue along with other chilly weather conditions. These conditions can wreak havoc on your roof. So, you want a roof that can withstand harsh weather elements and maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. 

Check out some roofing options you should consider for snowy climates.

Metal Roof

If you want a robust and durable roof that can withstand the toughest weather, then a metal roof will fit the bill. This roof can stand up to heavy snow and strong winds, so you shouldn't worry about structural damage to your home. 

The sun usually heats the entire metal sheet, which makes it easy for snow and ice to slide off the roof. For added protection, modern metal roofs come with snow guards and heating cables that prevent ice sheets from dumping at once. 

Unfortunately, a metal roof has a zero R-value and doesn't prevent heat transfer. So, your home will need extra insulation to keep it warm.

And although you pay top dollar for a metal roof, the long lifespan (40-70 years) justifies the price. Also, a metal roof is fully recyclable, so you contribute to a better environment when you install one. 

Slate Roof

A slate roof is quite robust and can handle the pressures of the harshest weather conditions like snow or ice. If aesthetics are a priority, a slate roof won't disappoint you — especially if you have an old home whose appearance you want to boost.

Better still, slate tiles can live for over 100 years with good maintenance, thus the nickname 'forever roof' due to slate's ability to last as long as it does. Slate is a dense material, hence a good insulator. So, your home stays warm during winter, which gives your HVAC system a break. Consequently, you save on energy bills.

Although a slate roof isn't cheap, the timeless beauty and low maintenance make it worth every penny. This roof also offers superior protection against strong winds. Keep in mind that slate tiles are heavy, and you might need to install extra structural support in your home. 

Fiberglass Asphalt Roof

Unlike metal and slate roofs, fiberglass asphalt shingles are a more affordable roofing option. They are also easily available, which makes them the go-to roofing option for most homes. Furthermore, an asphalt shingle roof can handle anything winter weather throws at it, from snow to rain and moderate winds. 

Also, the fiberglass layer increases your roof's insulation, so warm indoor space is a guarantee. And while a fiberglass asphalt roof is affordable, the roof has a shorter lifespan than metal and slate roofs. So, roof replacement will be more frequent. 

Whether you choose metal, slate, or a fiberglass asphalt roof, you will get superior protection in snowy climates. Also, ensure that only a roofing professional installs your roof to avoid premature failure later on.

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