Why You Must Replace an Improperly Installed Modified Bitumen Roof

A common type of commercial roofing material is a modified bitumen roof. Oftentimes, this type of roof can last a very long time, but only if it is installed properly. However, if your commercial roof was not installed correctly, you might start to see wrinkles form. If this is the case, you should contact professional commercial roofers to address the problem.

How a Modified Bitumen Roof Works

Modified bitumen roofs are most often used on flat roofs or roofs that have a slight slope. It consists of bituminous material, fiberglass, and polyester. There are several installation methods including heat weldable and self-adhered. Regardless of the method used to install the roof, it must be installed properly.

The Installation of a Bitumen Roof

While modified bitumen uses some traditional materials used in roofing, it is mostly considered to be a modern way of installing a commercial roof. The rolls applied to the roof are prefabricated and are then reinforced by fiberglass or polyester.

In most cases, bitumen must be applied using a torch. However, there are some products that are self-adhering and there are also cold-processing options. Regardless of the method used, the membrane that will waterproof your roof is the asphalt bitumen. The roof can also be reinforced by polymers so that it is more resistant to heat, cold, and UV rays.

When an Installation Goes Wrong

Unfortunately, some installation jobs are done very poorly. For example, some roofs do not even have the bitumen adhered to the building and the bitumen simply blows around and allows water to seep into the building. When the roof is not installed properly, the building might become damaged and the maintenance staff might then attempt to repair the roof using methods that are not up to code such as applying tar. 

What to Do With an Improperly Installed Roof

When you have an improperly installed bitumen roof, it usually makes more sense to replace it with an entirely different roof that will be installed properly. You will be able to start over with a new roof that has a warranty so that your roof can be replaced if anything goes wrong with it. 

You might not like that your old roof will go to waste, but you may be able to have much of your old roof recycled. You may also be able to have better insulation installed so your commercial building will be more energy-efficient.

For more information contact a commercial roofing company in your area.

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