Roof Insurance Claims: What to Do If Your Roof Is Damaged in a Storm

The damage caused by a storm can be devastating to homeowners. When flooding, hail, and strong winds hit, a home's most vulnerable areas are its roof. Roofs can sustain significant damage when there is high wind and rain that accompanies the storm. There are two more steps that are vital to consider a successful roof insurance claim: documentation and negotiations with your insurance company. The following roof insurance claim information will help you deal with these issues.

Make an Insurance Claim

If your roof has been damaged, you should contact your insurance adjuster. They will be able to help with the process of making an insurance claim. The adjuster will be able to tell you the information to gather and inspect the damage.

Here are some things that might help:

  • Document the damage to the roof with photos.
  • Clean your gutters so the adjuster can see any damage that might have occurred.
  • Note where on the house any leaks are occurring inside.
  • If there's significant damage, make sure no more water is getting in through leaks until repairs can be made.
  • Be prepared for some pushback from the insurance company if there's not much visible damage from outside. 

These tips will help you with the process of filing a claim to cover the costs of repairs to your home. 

Start Clearing the Debris

After talking with your insurance adjuster, you should start clearing the debris from your roof and home so that you can start making repairs. If there's only minor damage and you're comfortable doing it yourself, consider climbing up on your roof and removing any large pieces of debris that could cause more damage if left behind. For example, if a tree limb has fallen onto your roof or yard, remove it as soon as possible. Not only will this prevent additional damage to your house or yard, but it will also make it safer for you to work on your home later on.

If you're not comfortable climbing on your roof yourself, or if there's extensive damage that requires professional cleanup, call a professional as soon as possible. 

Find Roofers to Complete the Job

Find a roofing company that is knowledgeable about the type of roof you have and can perform the necessary repairs. First, you might want to talk with friends or neighbors who have had roof repair work done by companies in your area. If they had a great experience with their roofer, they would likely recommend their services. 

Your insurance company might also be able to help you find a reliable contractor. Ask your insurance agent for recommendations for local roofing companies. Agents work with these types of contractors regularly and can provide valuable referrals.

The next time your roof is damaged in a storm, you'll know how to make a claim and start repairs. Contact a roof insurance claims service to get help getting your home repaired after the roof has been damaged. 

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