2 Reasons Why Having Your Chimney Cleaned Regularly By A Professional Is Important

If you have a fireplace in your house that you use a lot, you may take time to clean out the fireplace itself after you use it each time. However, while this step is important, you should not neglect to have the chimney cleaned out as well.

While this cleaning is not something that you can do yourself, it is still important to have it done regularly. There are a couple of reasons why it is vital to have the chimney cleaned out by professional sweeps, especially if your fireplace sees a lot of use.

1.  Reduces the Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From Poor Ventilation

One reason why it is important to keep to a regular professional cleaning schedule for your chimney is that a well-used fireplace creates a large amount of soot. As the soot travels up the chimney, it starts to build up along the interior walls, which decreases the space through which the fumes from the fire can travel.

As the space is reduced, the ventilation becomes poorer, which leads to a buildup of carbon monoxide that is directed back into your home. This then greatly increases the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. However, if you have a professional clean out the soot, it opens the chimney back up to improve the ventilation.

2.  Helps to Reduce the Danger of Fire Caused by Built-up Creosote

Another reason why it is vital to have your chimney cleaned out is that creosote builds up on the walls along with the soot. Since creosote is a tar-like substance that is flammable, having too much buildup inside your chimney creates a fire hazard.

However, if you have regular cleanings done on your chimney, the sweeps can safely remove the creosote during the visits without causing structural damage. Having this done will then greatly reduce the potential danger of having a fire started by ignited creosote.

Especially if you get regular use out of your chimney, soot and creosote will continue to build up on its interior walls, which could lead to carbon monoxide buildup in your home from poor ventilation and pose a fire hazard from the caked-on creosote. Having the walls thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis by a professional can help to drastically reduce these potential issues. A chimney sweeping service in your area can schedule an appointment to have your chimney cleaned and set up a schedule for regular future cleanings.

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