What A Roofing Contractor Might Need To Do When Rats Invade Through Your Roof

If you keep hearing noises in your attic at night when the house is quiet, you might have a rat problem. If rats are in your attic, they probably came through the roof. That means there is at least one hole that needs to be closed before it starts raining.

A roofing contractor can't do anything about the rats, but they can search your roof for areas where rats can get into your attic and seal the holes. Here are some repairs the roofing contractor might need to make.

Replace Loose Or Damaged Asphalt Shingles

If some asphalt shingles are loose, have the edges ripped off, or are damaged in some way that the deck is exposed, the roofer needs to replace them to prevent a roof leak. Putting new shingles on also covers the deck, which might be enticing for rats to gnaw on.

If rats have already been gnawing around the shingles, they may have damaged the underlayment as well. Before the roofing contractor puts new shingles on, they need to patch in new underlayment because this protects the roof deck from moisture and rain.

Close Gaps Around Flashing And Rubber Boots

Rats can gnaw through rubber boots that go around pipe vents. Some boots have rubber flashing too, and if the rats chew through that, they can slide inside the attic. If a rubber boot or flashing has been gnawed, the roofer can just take off the damaged pieces and put new a boot and flashing around the pipe.

Since flashing that goes around a chimney or in a valley is made of metal, rats may not gnaw on it, but they might find an edge that's lifted and keep working at the flashing until they can squeeze under it and get in your attic. A roofer can check the flashing carefully for gaps and close them with screws or adhesive so the rats stay out.

Close A Hole In The Roof

Rats tend to follow trails, so there may only be one or two holes in the roof that all the rats use. If a hole is in the deck, the roofer has to take off a few shingles, patch in some plywood, and then put new underlayment and shingles over the area.

The roofing contractor will probably check the edges of the roof too since those areas might be rotted and soft. The rats might be getting in rotted soffit or fascia boards on the underside edge of the roof. The roofer might replace the boards if they are rotted, but if the boards are in good shape, the roofer may cover a hole with a piece of metal so rats stay out and so they can't gnaw through again. 

For more information about all types of repairs, contact a local roofing contractor

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