Ask Your Roofer Questions Before You Make Your Final Decision

Your roof is more than just the part of the building that keeps the water out of your house. It also has other important jobs. One is that it strengthens the frame of your house and keeps it rigid. Without the roof, the walls would twist and turn, and your house would be much weaker. It would also be out of plumb and out of true. For all those reasons, you need to make sure that you have a solid, strong roof. If you need to get a new roof, then you need to find a good roofing contractor and start asking them some questions. Asking those questions can help you make the right decision about what kind of roof you should get. So, what are some questions that you should ask?


The underlayment is the stuff that is installed under your roof. It is installed on top of the sheathing of your roof but under the roofing material. The goal of the underlayment is to make sure that any seams created by the roofing material won't leave your house at risk of leaks. There are different kinds of underlayment that can go on your roof, so you should talk to your roofer about what kind of underlayment you should use on your roof. You should ask the roofer about durability, how waterproof the underlayment is, and how eco-friendly it is. Ask your roofer if they have an underlayment that they prefer, and why they prefer that kind. 


Each kind of roofing material has its own lifespan, and even within the range of one particular kind of roofing material, there can be varying lifespans. Talk to your roofer about the lifespan of the general kind of roofing material you want, and then find out more about the kind of specific roofing material that you want. For example, if you want a metal roof, then you should ask about the lifespan of metal roofs, and if you want to have a specific kind of metal, then you should ask about how long a tin or zinc roof lasts. 

If you need a residential roof installation, asking a few questions will make it easier for you to choose the material that you should get. Your roofer should be able to answer any questions that you have as well as give you some information about things you might not have thought to ask about. 

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