Is Your Roof Saggy? 3 Reasons Behind This Unpleasant Sight And How To Fix It

A saggy roof is an eyesore to homeowners and could also be a potential danger to you and your loved ones if not repaired right away. Many issues can lead to a saggy roof, and it is your responsibility to check for the signs and call in the roofing contractor for repairs. Here are the top reasons why your roof might sag.

Prolonged Water Damage

Your roof design allows for the redirection of water away from your property whenever it rains. However, if the water does not drain off for some reason, it will stagnate, gradually seeping through your roof. Unfortunately, unless you are one of those people who follow a strict maintenance routine, this issue may go unnoticed, eventually causing your roof to sag. The situation worsens if you have a poorly ventilated attic because it causes excessive moisture. And so once you see the slightest sag, you should look for a roof repair expert right away. Usually, fresh sheathing is needed to restore your roof. Also, the gutters and shingles may need repairs.

Weight from Snow Weakening Roofing 

Although your roof is strong enough to support significant weight, but it can buckle and sag if the weight exceeds the desired limit. Sadly, this is a common scenario during winter where loads of snow settle on your roof for days. It is advisable to get a professional to clean your roof throughout the winter season. If you did the roof installations yourself, it might be why your roof is too weak to support the weight from the snow. For this reason, you need to hire a qualified roofer to rectify the errors you made. The repairs might involve tearing down the existing shingles to check the underlayment.

There Are Visible Damages on Your Roof

Various things pose a danger to your roof. Environmental factors like hailstorms, branches falling on the top, and others can take a toll on it, leaving holes and leaks more so if your roof is getting old. On the other hand, if it is new, you may miss the early signs till later when the sagging begins. Therefore, the wisest thing to do is hire a roof repair expert whether or not you are sure of your roof's current condition. Only then can you catch such damages and fix them on time.

Fixing a saggy roof needs expert guidance. However, the outcome of the process is dependent on the extent of the damages and the expertise of the contractor. For this reason, have your roof inspected from time to time for timely roof repairs.

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