Signs That Indicate It's Time To Call A Commercial Roofing Contractor To Check Your Roof

If your commercial building has a metal roof, you should have a commercial roofing contractor inspect it on the schedule the contractor recommends so repairs can be done in a timely manner. However, you might need additional checks done if you suspect something is wrong with your roof.

You might have your maintenance crew check your roof routinely, and if they spot any of the following problems, you should let your commercial roofing contractor know.

Fasteners Are Loose Or Damaged

It's important to keep watch on the fasteners that hold the metal panels in place, especially when your roof is older. If a fastener backs out or breaks, rain might leak into the hole. If fasteners wear out due to age, the problem might be widespread on your roof. It's good to let a commercial roofing contractor check the fasteners and replace the ones that need them. Replacing fasteners is a fairly common metal roof repair because the fasteners can work loose as the roof ages.

Metal Panels Have Scratches Or Gouges

Metal roofing panels can sometimes be scratched by foot traffic on the roof or by debris blown by the wind. While you may not care about the appearance of scratches on your roof, the main concern is a loss of the protective coating. If a scratch is deep enough, rain could get on the metal and eventually lead to leaking.

Your roofer can assess the scratches and determine if they need to be repaired. If the coating is intact and the scratch is superficial, the roofer may not need to do anything. If the coating is gouged, the roofer may clean the crack and then coat it with protective paint that will resist rust.

Preventing rust is an important part of metal roof maintenance. If deep scratches are not repaired and rust grows, the rust can spread until holes develop in the roof and you end up with a roof leak and a roof that's an eyesore due to the rust.

Leaks On The Roof

Your first indication of a roof problem might be when you see rain leaking inside your building. If this ever happens, call a commercial roofing contractor right away before the roof damage escalates. The roofer has to find where the roof is leaking and then plug the hole or gap. Likely places to look include around flashing and along metal panel seams. However, missing fasteners and rust holes might also be to blame.

By having your roof inspected by a commercial roofing contractor regularly, you can avoid some of these problems, but it's always a good idea to keep watch on your roof since your roof is the first line of protection for the inventory in your building. 

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