Roof Replacement: 3 Costly Mistakes You Are Likely To Make During A DIY Shingle Replacement

Shingled roofs are popular among property owners for various reasons. They are cost-effective, durable, and resistant to weather elements. If well-maintained, roofing shingles can serve you for several decades without significant hitches. However, you can only enjoy these benefits based on how well the installations were done. 

Even though shingle installation is an intricate procedure, many homeowners still dare to take up such projects. Unfortunately, this often leads to some pretty costly mistakes. This is why you must hire shingle replacement services instead of a DIY approach. Below are examples of the mistakes you risk making by ignoring professional roofing services.

Mismatching the Shingles

Shingles only look good when the installations are well-done. Otherwise, poorly-installed roofs would mess up your home's curb appeal. This situation is likely to happen when you do not properly match the shingles. Generally, all shingles come in sets that are identical in appearance and dimensions. That means you cannot use different shingles and expect them to match. The results would be unappealing and lead to other roofing problems such as leaks due to an exposed underlayment.

Errors in Nailing

The other mistake amateurs make is failing to nail the shingles correctly. Nailing mistakes include over-driving, under-driving, or wrongly positioning the nails. These errors usually expose the underlayment, and your roof may leak when it rains. Also, the shingles may get blown off during strong winds since they aren't well secured. When such errors occur, you have no other option but to hire shingle replacement services to rectify your mistakes. 

Failing to Include the Starter Shingles

If you start installing the first piece of shingle on your roof's eave before the starter shingle is in place, the whole project will send you down the rabbit hole. When strong winds blow over such a roof, the shingles will not survive the ordeal. Also, you'll experience leaks whenever it rains since such a roof cannot drain off the rainwater well. 

The starter shingles form a line of defense against strong winds and other issues such as water damage. However, they must be properly aligned with the eave during installations to perform their duty well. To identify them, take a close look at the edges of your roof, and you will notice an overhanging part. 

There are many other shingle installation mistakes not listed here, and you should avoid them altogether. The best way to achieve this is to hire experienced and competent roof installation services.

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