Failure To Get A New Rooftop Immediately After Seeing These Signs Is A Waiting Time Bomb

A damaged roof exposes you and your family to some hazards that might cause death in a flash. For example, it puts you at risk of electrocution if water flows through the cracks and comes into contact with damaged wiring. That explains why any sign of damage to your roof should send shivers down your spine. A few dinged-up spots might not be a reason for concern. However, the following signs indicate that failing to get a new rooftop immediately is a waiting time bomb.

Your Roof Has Outlived Its Life

Every type of roof can only offer maximum protection up to the proposed life span. After that, it might develop different problems that might expose you and your family to danger, and your property to damage. Therefore, if you determine that your roof has outlived its life, contact a professional roofing company and request an inspection. Depending on the extent of the damage, they might replace the entire roof or overlay the existing shingles.

However, tearing the old roof off and replacing it with a new one might be the better option because it will increase your roof's life for a few more years. Besides, a replacement will help you catch any problems lurking underneath the shingles, eliminating the problem of endless repairs.

Your Roof Has Extensive Exterior Damage

Rooftops develop different problems, especially after harsh weather conditions. Therefore, you're supposed to inspect your roof regularly to check for signs of extensive damage. Curling, buckling, warping, or missing shingles indicate that you need a roof replacement ASAP. In addition, more shingle roof granules loss than usual is an indication that your roof is wearing away and so you should get a professional replacement right away. A metal or concrete roof might also have cracks, dents, or missing pieces if damaged beyond repair.

Some roof parts are more prone to damage than others. Therefore, they can give you a better idea of your roof's condition during the inspection. For example, a problem on the slopes and valleys might indicate that you have a serious issue on your hands. In this case, you may want to undertake a thorough inspection to determine whether your roof is leaking. Inspecting the gutters and the downspouts can also shed more light on the extent of damages on the rooftop.

The signs above indicate that you may need a roof replacement immediately. Therefore, you may consider contacting a professional company that offers roof replacement services. They will start by assessing your rooftop to determine the extent of the damage and replace the roof for you to serve you for years.  

For more info, contact a local roof replacement company. 

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