Why Install Rain Chain Gutters on Your Home?

Rain chain gutters are sometimes used as an alternative to traditional downspouts. How do these gutters work? What are the advantages of installing them over a regular downspout?

What Is A Rain Chain Gutter?

A rain chain gutter carries water out of your guttering system and down to the ground. So, it does the same kind of job as a downspout. However, these products don't look the same or work the same way as regular downspouts.

These gutters work on a chain-based fluid transfer system. For example, if you use a basic chain strand, then water will come out of your gutters and cling to the chain as it falls to the ground.

You can also buy rain chain systems with pots, cups, or basins. These products work on the same principle; however, water comes down the chain and through each container as it falls.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Rain Chain Gutters?

People often switch to using rain chain gutters because they like the way they look on their homes. Traditional downspouts are effective; however, they aren't that attractive to look at.

Rain chain gutters look more decorative. Even simple chain strands are pleasing to look at. If you use chains with containers on them, then you get an even more ornamental effect. These products are also often made from materials that develop a pleasing patina as they age.

Rain chains can also help you create a relaxing and soothing environment around your home. You can hear rainfall as it moves down or through a chain system. This gentle sound can help you destress and feel closer to nature.

Plus, you can also usually divert the water that runs down a rain chain system into your yard so that you get a natural source of irrigation.

While rain chain gutters might look easy to install, this is a job best left to the professionals. If you don't install the right type of rain chain in the right position, then excess rainwater might leak down the sides of your home and into your foundations where it can cause some damage. You also need some knowledge of local rainfall levels to ensure you choose the right system.

So, contact a local roofing contractor (for instance, Weatherguard Inc) and ask them to check your home to make sure that rain chain gutters will be a viable solution. If they are, then they can help you plan and install the system to make sure it works effectively.

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