4 Signs That It Is Time To Repair Your Fascia And Soffits

Roofing systems are complex because they involve a number of structural features and components put together to protect the home from inclement weather. When the roofing contractor installs your roofing, you're guaranteed a quality structure that will serve you for years. And with the roof over your home, you can enjoy a cool, dry, and comfortable home for years. On the other hand, when it starts deteriorating, it comes with damage to many aspects of the roofing system. Here are four signs that your fascia and soffits are damaged and need repair. 

Flaking, Peeling, or Cracking Paint

The soffit and fascia are very important in protecting your home from rainwater. They meet at the edge of the roof and form an enclosed space that prevents rainwater from accessing the house's interior. However, when they start to age, their paint deteriorates first. If you have noticed these damages around your soffits, it could be an indicator that your gutters are leaking or that the general drainage of your roof is no longer working. Speak to a roof repair contractor to start the repair process. 

Leaky and Poorly Supported Gutters

Leaks in your gutters that are coming off your roof can indicate that you need roofing services. Leakiness always goes hand in hand with damages to the soffit. Additionally, once the gutters become loose, you are assured that they will fall apart at some point. Sometimes they might even take down the entire fascia board with them. It is advisable to have an expert check the state of the gutters and the roof support system and recommend the best repairs. 

The Presence of Pests in Your Home

Another indicator that it might be time to repair your soffits and fascia is the presence of pests in the home. Vermin always shows up where they get the space and allowance to access the interior. If you have noticed rodent droppings in your attic, damage to your wiring, and other signs of their presence, it is time to check the state of the soffits and decide whether it is time for repairs. 

The Presence of Moisture in the House

Moisture inside the home indicates that the soffit and fascia might have separated at the joints. When it happens, you start experiencing water damage. It leads to mold damage and other related complications.

These are some tell-tale signs that it is time to check and repair your gutters and soffits. Speak to a competent roofing contractor about the repairs and restore order in your home. 

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