The Role The Gutter System Plays In Your Home's Roofing

The gutters that are installed along the perimeter of your roof may not be a part of your home that you are likely to give much thought to. However, this is an important component of your home, and it can be beneficial to learn more about the role that it plays along with the types of work that the gutter system may require.

A Home's Gutter System Provides Important Protection Against Various Types Of Water Damage 

The gutters will be primarily responsible for directing the runoff from the roof to an area where it will be unable to cause major property damage. If this runoff is not controlled, it can cause significant water damage to the roof as well as the exterior of the home. This can occur due to the moisture seeping into small gaps that may be in the exterior of the home. Additionally, this moisture exposure can also contribute to wooden components of the building rotting. In extreme cases, this runoff can even contribute to foundation damage to the home. This occurs due to the ability of the runoff to directly weaken the concrete in the foundation as well as to erode the soil that is supporting it.

The Gutter System Will Have To Be Removed During Many Types Of Roofing Work

Unfortunately, there are some types of roofing work that will require the gutters to be removed. When this is necessary, it may be possible for the roofing contractor to place the gutters back on the home, but this can also be an important opportunity for the homeowner to invest in upgrading the gutters. In particular, upgrading to seamless gutters can be an option that will drastically reduce the amount of leaking that occurs with the gutter system so it can provide more effective protection for the home.

Gutter Systems Can Suffer Extensive Damage During Storms

Unfortunately, strong storms can be a common source of extensive damage to gutter systems. One of the most obvious ways that these storms can damage the gutters will be due to high winds warping or ripping the gutters from the house. Additionally, the gutters can suffer significant damage as a result of strong impacts. These impacts can be from large hailstones, falling tree branches, or even wind-blown debris. If a strong storm moves through your area, the gutter system should undergo a comprehensive assessment to determine the scope and scale of the damage that has occurred to it. Otherwise, the gutters may be compromised the next time a storm passes through, and this could increase the risk of water damage occurring.

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