Is Your Roof Causing Your Business to Lose Money?

When looking at strategies to drive profitability, very few business owners and managers think of the roof on their commercial buildings. Yet, the entire structure becomes vulnerable to deterioration without a properly functioning roof.

Failing to keep your roof in tip-top shape can also cause your business to lose money, hurting its bottom line. Here's what the damage does:

Affects Your Company's Image

Believe it or not, how your commercial building looks from the outside influences people's perception of your business. Beautiful, well-maintained exteriors create the impression that you run a tight ship, indicating you are a true professional.

On the other hand, a cluttered, dirty exterior environment makes customers and potential business partners lack confidence in your brand. As a result, they may take their business elsewhere.

A dirty or faded roof can turn your commercial property into a real eyesore, making customers and potential investors cringe instead of getting in your door.

Increases Your Heating And Cooling Costs

When it comes to the energy efficiency performance of your commercial building, your roof can either work in your favor or against you. A properly maintained roof will prevent summer heat gain and keep the heat locked inside during winter. Consequently, your commercial heating and cooling systems won't have to run harder and longer to provide thermal comfort throughout the year.

Less strain on your heating and cooling equipment means lower energy usage and energy bills. On the flip side, not keeping your roof in the best shape may cause the loss of conditioned air, driving up energy costs substantially.

Damages Your Commercial Property

The building in which you operate your business is a great asset. Without it, customers wouldn't have a door to get in.

When you fail to look after your roof, it will get damaged quickly. When this happens, it won't be effective at keeping the elements at bay. A leaky roof, for example, will allow rainwater to go through your roof. The penetrating water can end up in areas of the building that should remain dry, damaging them.

Water damage can compromise the structural integrity of your building and invite condensation-related problems such as stuffy air and mold growth. These problems, besides affecting the health and safety of building users, are expensive to fix.

The best way to avoid the above-highlighted problems and boost your business's profitability is to have your roof inspected and maintained regularly. Regular roof maintenance helps identify and correct these problems before they can wreak havoc on your business. 

Call a commercial roofer today to get a quote for your roof care needs. Click on the link for more info.

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