3 Commercial Roof Designs And Their Benefits

All roofs are created differently, and several designs are available for commercial installations. Commercial structures are significantly different from their residential counterparts due to size and specialized products to meet unique demands. Some popular designs for commercial designs include flat, low-slop, and pitch designs. A commercial roofing services company will know how to match specific material with a  roofing style that meets your needs. Here are popular roofs you should consider for your commercial space. 

Reasons To Opt for Plastic

Vinyl or PVC is one of the most popular installations in the commercial space. It is an efficient one-ply roofing option tested and proven to offer excellent coverage. The installation process is straightforward, and the contractor starts by preparing the deck and laying out the plastic. Upon completion, they weld the seams together and attach the flashing. This type of installation is high performing, outlasts other materials, and is flame retardant. The vinyl membrane will self-extinguish moments after catching fire, a quality that comes in handy in the industrial environment. The material is also excellent at resisting wetness, wind, and harsh chemicals, which means that it can withstand external conditions without deteriorating.

The Benefits of Installing Thermoplastic Polyolefin Roofs

The commercial thermoplastic polyolefin membrane is another alternative for the business space. Thanks to the cheap up-front installation cost, it is an excellent choice when looking to cut costs on materials. The material is also flexible, and most designers or roofers find it easy to engineer the edges during the setup. Also, you can recycle the material at the end of its lifespan, which makes it environmentally friendly.  Water will easily slide off the material because it has a sleek design and will handle moisture without damage. Most importantly, it reflects heat off the building, which is an excellent way of keeping your structure energy-efficient.

The Benefits of EPDM

Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) is a rubber-like material used to make commercial roofs. It is mostly black but is also available in white. It has a malleability that allows you to spread it over any structure without much trouble. Decades down the line, EPDM is still one of the most reliable commercial roofing options and works well with various insulation choices to help maintain ideal conditions inside your space.

These are the three most commonly used roofing options in commercial installations. You should consult commercial roofing services about your upcoming roof project. To help you determine the perfect roof to suit your needs.

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