Do You Have To Stay Somewhere Else While Your Home Is Re-Roofed?

Most people only have their roofs replaced a couple of times in their lives, at most. As such, it's perfectly normal for you to have some questions about the process. One question people often have before a roof replacement is whether they can stay in the home while the roof is being replaced.

The short answer to this question is that it's usually perfectly okay to stay home while your roof is being worked on. Yes, there will be lots of pounding and scraping, but the process itself doesn't make your home unsafe in most cases. The roofers will also be in and out within a couple of days, and sometimes even one day. 

There are, however, some cases in which you'll want to stay somewhere else while your home is being roofed. Here are those cases.

The old roof has some asbestos

Asbestos has not been used in roofing for years, but some really old roofs may have some asbestos underlayment or insulation somewhere in their structure. If this is the case, your roof replacement company will need to follow specific asbestos removal protocols when removing the old roof. They'll generally block off your home to keep asbestos from making its way in. However, to be extra safe, you may want to stay somewhere else until the roof project is complete. Asbestos has been linked to certain lung cancers, so you should take exposure seriously.

There's mold in your attic

If your old roof had a leak and there is a lot of mold in your attic, you may want to stay elsewhere while the roofers are stripping this all out and replacing your roof. Sometimes, this process disturbs some mold spores and sends them flying through your home, which can trigger allergic reactions. 

Your roof is sagging

When a roof sags, it is because the wood underlaying the main roof material is damaged. Sagging roofs are at an increased risk of caving in, occasionally while they are being removed. So, for your own safety, you may want to stay out of the home until the old, sagging roof structure is removed and replaced.

A roofing contractor should tell you if you'll need to stay elsewhere when your roof is being replaced. If they do not mention this, then it is generally safe to assume you can stay home — as long as the noise does not bug you.

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