Have Your Roof Inspected Promptly Post-Storm

After a big storm, you might look around your home, check inside the attic, and breathe a sigh of relief if you don't see a bunch of water coming in. It is certainly a good sign to not find water in the attic after a big storm. However, you should still have your roof inspected by a roof company — and you should do so promptly. Here are some reasons why prompt post-storm roof inspections are so important.

Sometimes leaks don't appear until the next storm.

You may assume that if you don't see any leaks after the storm, your roof is leak-free. But sometimes, a storm causes damage in such a way that water will only enter if the rain comes down in a certain direction. If you don't have the roof inspected soon, you may find that water enters during the next storm if the wind is blowing at a different angle. 

Not all roofing damage immediately causes leaks.

Not all roof damage causes a leak immediately. You may have some peeling flashing that's still keeping water out right now, but will peel further and cause leaks in another year or two. Or, hail may have damaged the roof in a way that will decrease its lifespan, but not cause leaks immediately. It's a good idea to have a roof company check for this sort of damage so it can be repaired or dealt with before it causes bigger issues.

Insurance claims need to be filed in a timely manner.

Storm damage to a roof is typically covered under homeowners insurance. However, if you do not notice the damage and file a claim in a timely manner, your homeowners insurance company may not approve your claim. They might argue that a lot of the damage came from the fact that you waited to have the initial damage addressed, which means they're not liable to pay for it. When you have the roof inspected ASAP, your roofers can create a report you can give to your insurance company to file a claim and hopefully get most of the repair costs covered.

After you take a big post-storm sigh of relief that your home is still standing and everything is relatively okay, call a roof company. Most roofing companies offer post-storm services and will work with you and your insurance company to ensure any damage they notice is repaired or addressed in a timely manner through storm damage restoration.

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