Reasons Your Shingle Roof May Not Reach Its Maximum Life

A good shingle roof can last decades before showing any signs of aging. However, there are instances where roofs age prematurely, leading to unplanned replacement expenses. If you do not want to fall victim to the huge roof replacement budget, you should learn what causes a roof to age prematurely.

Not Choosing High-Rated Shingles

Most homeowners choose asphalt shingles without considering additional factors because of their affordability, energy efficiency, style, and durability. While asphalt has all these amazing benefits, alternatives like metal and tile can be more durable than asphalt, hence it is always good to explore other options. Of course, you will have to pay more upfront for these options, but the long-term benefits are worth the sacrifice. So unless you are financially limited, always go for a high-rated shingle.

Improper DIY Installations

Another mistake that contributes to the premature aging of your roof is when you attempt to install your shingle roof by yourself. Even if you spend hours watching a tutorial, the outcome is likely to be less perfect than when an expert roofer does it. Some of the installation mistakes can lead to premature aging of your roof, and you would have to replace your roof sooner than you want because a poorly installed roof is not strong enough to withstand harsh weather.

The Weather

Even though a roof is in place to ensure elements do not get to you and your family, sometimes the weather can be too harsh. Depending on the impact, you are likely not qualified to fix the damage. Perhaps you can repair a small leak caused by a few missing or cracked shingles, but if a huge tree has fallen over your roof, the effects can be beyond repair, and you will have to replace such a roof. Roofers normally recommend trimming long branches or cutting down a tree if it is too close to your structure.

How You Maintain Your Roof

If you rarely maintain your shingle roof, you slowly shorten its lifespan. Maintenance is a preventative measure meant to find problems while still in their initial stages. If you barely know what is going on with your roof, you will be caught off guard by damage that calls for a roof replacement.

You can reap the maximum benefits of your shingle roof if you take the above points seriously. Your roofing contractor can also provide some additional tips on how to extend your shingle roof's life through treatments and regular maintenance.

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