4 Reasons Your Roof Needs Regular Inspections

Although roof damages are not hard to spot, it is impossible to know their extent until your roofer goes on top and conducts a thorough inspection. One thing is clear regarding roof damages: they are quite costly, and you can only prevent them from becoming problematic if you catch them at their initial stages. 

During a roof inspection, your roofer checks for issues such as missing shingles, shingle curling or buckling, leaks, and mold growth. Ideally, inspections are important when buying a home, after storm damage, and if you do not know your roof's current condition. Below are a few reasons regular inspections are a must. 

Some Repairs Are Covered Under Warranty

Roofing issues such as leaks can devastate your home's health. However, depending on what caused the leak, some are covered under warranty. Before panicking, ask your roofer to inspect and confirm whether the leaks are covered under warranty. This only shows how important it is to take great care of your warranty documents.

Catch Weathering and Aging Effects

Not all roofing issues are easily noticeable from the ground, especially when checking an aging structure. For example, minor cracks and gaps caused by everyday weathering may go unnoticed unless a thorough inspection is done. If you fail to catch wear and tear on time, water will start to seep in, leading to water damage such as mold and roof material deterioration. 

Guaranteed Proper Drainage

The gutter system is responsible for proper drainage when it's free from debris, leaves, and trash. A clogged gutter system means your roof may start leaking, which is why regular inspections are needed to ensure no leaves are blocking the way of water into the downspouts. 

Because It Is the Only Way of Dealing with Storm Damage

Storms are unavoidable, but that does not mean your hands are completely tied. You can do a lot to keep your roof standing, especially taking roof inspections seriously. Doing this gives you a better chance of catching storm damages as soon as they occur. If the findings show your roof is too old to handle the next storm, you should install a new, higher-quality roof. 

Roof inspections are important as they prevent many issues, as seen above. That said, even though a roof assessment might seem easy, you should not take up the task because you could injure yourself. Also, you lack the experience to know exactly what to do in case of damage or lack the proper gear and tools for the job. 

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