Why Some Shingles Lift From The Roof

Asphalt shingles should lie flush on the roof. That is the only way the shingles can prevent water from getting under them and causing damage. Shingles that lift off the roof are also susceptible to various damage, including wind and foot traffic damage. Know why some shingles don't stay flat on the roof to help you preempt the problem.

 Below are some reasons shingles might lift off the roof.

Poor Nailing

Nailing and adhesive help shingles adhere to the roof. Improper adhesion allows shingles to lift with time. Thus, roof shingles can lift if you don't nail them properly, which might be the case if:

  • You nail the shingles in the wrong places
  • You use the wrong nails for the shingles
  • You don't drive in the nails to the correct depth
  • You use fewer than recommended nails
  • You damage the shingles during nailing

Use an experienced professional for shingle installation or replacement to avoid the above problems.

Storm Damage

Storms can damage and lift roofing shingles in multiple ways. For example:

  • Strong winds can blow under individual shingles and lift them.
  • Strong winds can drive debris under shingles and lift the shingles.
  • Hail and other storm debris can damage shingles, and damaged shingles easily lose their flat placements.

Keep the roof clean as one way to avoid storm-related shingle damage.

Shingle Overlaying

Some people have multiple layers of shingles on the roof to minimize roof replacement expenses. Unfortunately, shingle overlay doesn't always work properly. For example, if the existing shingles are not perfectly flat, the ones above them won't be flush on the roof. In addition, damage to the bottom shingles can also affect the surface shingles' positioning.

Shingle Defects

Like other manufactured materials, some shingles come from the production lines with intrinsic defects. For example, defective shingles can have improper material ratios that allow the shingles to dry and curl soon after installation. Ask your shingle manufacturer for compensation if the damage arises when your warranty is still valid.

Poor Ventilation

Attic ventilation allows heat and moisture to escape the house and moderates roof temperature. Inadequate ventilation allows hot moisture to collect under the roof and affect the shingles. Over time, the accumulated effects will deteriorate the shingles and lift them.

The best way to ensure proper shingle installation is to use a professional roofing contractor. You should also engage professional roofers for roof maintenance and repair. After that, take care of the roof to avoid maintenance-related issues.

Contact a residential roofing service to learn more. 

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