Working With A Contractor To Install Your Pool

When considering a new pool for your home, you may know what you are looking for and where you want to put it. If you are unsure what is available and will fit in your yard, a pool installation company can assess the lot and help you decide what pool is best for you.

Inground Pools   

One very popular pool style to have installed on a residential property is an inground pool made from concrete or other materials. These pools offer more durability than above-ground styles but often require a larger installation area. 

The pool will also need to have a concrete area around it, require complex plumbing underground, and a pump and filter system that requires some maintenance throughout the year. However, inground pools are typically large and deep enough to allow you to have a diving board and other accessories if that is what you are looking for. 

Inground pools can also be covered in the winter, and while remaining heated and serviced, you can still use them in warmer areas. Working with a pool installation company to create a custom design is also an option and will allow you to have a one-of-a-kind pool to enjoy with your family. 

Above Ground Pools

Above-ground pools are often easier to set up in your yard, and a pool installation company can do it if you like. These pools typically use a corrugated metal material for the sides and sit on top of the ground, so if you want a four-foot deep pool, you may need a deck or ladder to access the pool once it is up and running.

The pool will also need a vinyl liner that goes inside the structural walls and across the bottom of the pool. The liner is durable but can suffer punctures that need patching with hard use. The pool installation company will put a layer of sand and stone dust under the liner to protect it, but after a few years, you may want to have them come back and replace the liner if it has been patched more than a couple of times. 

Pool Maintenance

No matter which type of pool you choose, the pool installation company will install a filtration system that you will need to maintain throughout the year. Most systems are not complicated to work with, and the installer can go over how to change the filter, add media to the filter, and drain and store the pump if you have cold winters that could cause the water in the pump to freeze.

There are also pool maintenance services that can take care of cleaning and maintaining the pool and filtration system for you and can come weekly, monthly, or at whatever interval you feel is necessary.  

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