Types Of Damage That Could Occur On Your Roof After A Storm

Storms threaten you and your loved ones, which is why you can only breathe a sigh of relief after confirming there is no damage to your home. But, with your roof being the first line of defense against such weather, it is most likely to be affected. So, you need to call for storm damage roof repair services as soon as possible to confirm the current state of your structure. Below are various ways a storm can damage your roof. 

Shingles Go Missing

Strong winds are usually strong enough to lift the roofing materials, especially if the roof is in poor condition. Missing shingles are not only unsightly, but they increase the chances of a leak. Therefore, if you notice bare spots on your roof or some pieces of shingles on your property, you need to contact storm damage roofing repair services at once. 

Your Roof Loses Its Granules

For starters, not all granule loss is cause for alarm. This is quite normal when your asphalt roof is still new. But, if caused by old age, the result is excessive granule loss and warrants a replacement. On the other hand, if the loss is due to a storm, you will notice horizontal patterns where the seal was broken. Look for a roofer for an immediate solution as such a roof is no longer waterproof.

The Chimney Seems Crooked

Storms are also problematic for the seal around the chimney leading to water intrusion. Therefore, with time, your chimney may appear curved. This, therefore, is one of the parts you should inspect from the ground and contact storm damage roofing repair experts if you notice any abnormalities. 

The Attic or Ceiling Leaks

Be on the lookout for a leaking attic or ceiling, as it is one of the signs of storm damage. This is often signified by discoloration or dumpy walls, insulation, or ceiling. Ignoring the situation will result in more roofing issues such as mold formation, thus weakening your roof's support system. Therefore, sort out for help whenever you see this sign.

 The Roof Is Dented

A dented roof does not look good, but it can happen if the storm is accompanied by hail. Copper metal roofs, for instance, are more likely to develop large dents that may pierce the coating leading to rusting and eventually leaks. Taking care of these dents on time will help prevent moisture from seeping into your home.

Storms are catastrophic to your roof, as seen above. However, what will make a difference is how quickly you react to the situation, so do not take long to contact storm damage roofing repair services.

Call a roofer for more information. 

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