Some Of The Most Durable Roofing Materials Available In The Market

You are going to come across lots of options in the process of choosing a roofing material for your home. Therefore, it is normal to feel a little overwhelmed trying to settle on the right material. However, you do not have to do this alone. Hiring a roofing contractor from the start can give you some useful tips that will make the process less stressful. One of the important factors that will help you zero in on your decision is durability. This article will help you learn about some of the durable roof materials in the market today. 


Slate is for those who have a particular liking for vintage and historical kinds of roofing. It is among the oldest roofing options still in use today, and for good reasons. First, the material has an impressive lifespan, making it one of the most expensive roofs available. 

However, value for money does not come easy, so the high costs should be the least of your worries as it only means your slate roof can withstand extreme elements. For example, they have a high fire and mold resistance. Additionally, they are sustainable for areas that experience severe weather, such as hail and storms.

Slate is made from natural materials, thus making the manufacturing process safe for the environment. Their dense quality also helps keep your indoor temperatures at favorable levels. So if you are searching for a roof that will last ages, go with slate roofing. 


Clay is known for its durability and exemplary ability to withstand harsh weather such as strong winds and hurricanes. Regular maintenance allows your clay or cement roof to last quite a long time. You also get a wide range of unique styles, colors, finishing, and patterns. When you install this kind of roof, you help the planet greatly since they are eco-friendly. One more thing is that the roofs are energy efficient and can greatly increase your home's value. 


You could also opt for metal roofs, the most affordable of the three but pretty durable too. Also, they come in various materials to match your needs. Metal roofs are also excellent insulators, so your house stays cool during summer and warm on cold days. Like clay, metal is also environmentally friendly, and all metal roofs are recyclable. 

You are safer when you have durable roofs like the ones mentioned above. So, consult with your residential roofer on which of the above roofing options best suits your home.

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