Will A Metal Roof Affect The Temperature Of My Home?

If you live in a hot region, you might be concerned about whether your roof will be able to keep your home adequately cooled. If you are thinking about replacing your existing roof with a metal roof, the good news is that the metal shingles are able to reflect sunlight and could cause your home to be cooler. However, there are several other things you can do as well to keep your home cool. 

Keep Your Home Cool with Adequate Ventilation

Keeping your home cool is important when you're trying to reduce your energy costs. Keeping your roof cool will also make your home more comfortable.

To keep your home cool, it's important to make sure that your new roof has ventilation so that it can release heat that builds up in your home. This is a problem regardless of what type of roof your home has. You might be concerned that a metal roof might absorb heat, but other types of roofs absorb just as much heat, such as asphalt shingles.

Install a Lightweight Roof

The heavier a roof, the more heat it will absorb and the longer it will take to cool down. Therefore, regardless of what type of material your roof is made out of, a better-designed roof that is more lightweight will also be cooler during the hot summer months.

Choose a Light Color

Another important factor determining how hot your roof will be is the color of the roof. The lighter the color, the better it is at reflecting the sun's rays. A darker roof is more likely to absorb sunlight. Usually, companies that sell metal roofs offer them in a broad range of colors so you can choose a light color that also matches your home.

Insulate Your Roof

It's important to make sure that the metal roof is well-insulated. This ensures that the roof is able to increase the thermal mass of the building and this will prevent heat from escaping in the winter. The ability of your building to remain hot or cold has nothing to do with the type of material the roof is made from.

The roofing material has more of an impact on the ability of your roof to keep the weather out than it does control the temperature of your home. Metal roofs are highly durable and will be able to prevent rain from entering your home and causing damage as long as the metal roof is installed by a professional roofing installation service.

Contact a local roofing service, such as Supreme Roofing LLC, to learn more. 

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