3 Ways Prompt Commercial Roof Repairs Keep Your Commercial Spaces Comfortable During Winter

While proactive roof care should be a year-long undertaking, you should especially be quick to repair your roof during the winter. This way, you can ensure that snow, ice, and cold air don't make your indoor spaces wet and uncomfortable. Safe and comfortable indoor spaces allow your employees to be productive and secure your building from damage.

You won't also have to worry about your commercial equipment sustaining severe damage from exposure to excess moisture. Keep reading to discover three ways that prompt commercial roof repairs keep your commercial spaces comfortable during winter.

1. Prevent Water Infiltration

Leaks lead to water damage that can be very costly because it compromises the structural integrity of your commercial building. One way to prevent this is by scheduling commercial roofing repairs to ensure your roof is in good condition and is repaired promptly when there are any issues. A good commercial roofing company will have a team of experienced professionals who can identify potential leaks and repair them quickly before they lead to water infiltration.

2. Keep Out The Cold

Since winter months are cold, the last thing you want is for cold air to seep into your indoor spaces. The indoor temperatures will be too uncomfortable for your employees and customers. Of course, your HVAC equipment will eventually equalize the room temperatures, but at an added expense.

To make it easier, you should address roof malfunctions early. A properly repaired roof will keep the heat inside where it belongs, ensuring your staff and employees are comfortable and saving you money on energy costs.

3. Avoid Ice Dams

One of the biggest dangers to a commercial roof is ice dams. These phenomena transpire when meltwater from the snowpacks on your rooftop flows down the roof and freezes in motion. The snow melts due to your building's indoor heat, but as soon as the meltwater leaves the rooftop, it freezes due to the extremely low temperatures outside.

Eventually, meltwater freezing in motion builds up so much that no more can drain off your roof. As such, puddles of water form on the rooftop, eventually seeping through your shingles and into the roofing system.

Ice dams cause extensive damage to the roof and could result in flooding inside the building. Thankfully, your roofer can prevent ice dams from forming by repairing your roof's ventilation and insulation. Thus, the roof's surface can remain cold to ensure no meltwater drains off the roof.

Prompt commercial roof repairs can help prevent the problems discussed above and keep your commercial space comfortable during winter. You'll also avoid costly problems down the road and extend your commercial roof's life span.  

Contact a local roof repair service, such as J. Cwanger Inc, to learn more. 

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