Preparing Your Home For A Metal Roof Installation

Whether you want to improve the value of your home or complete your home's construction, a metal roof installation shouldn't be taken lightly. There are initial steps you need to take during a metal roof installation. Here is a guide on what is involved before a metal roof installation.

Building Owner Preparations

During a metal roof installation, your kids and pets will be stressed by the busy and noisy activity around your home. You need to prepare your kids or find them and your pets a place to stay during the installation. Also, warn your neighbors so they can prepare themselves as well.

Additionally, you need to clear the area surrounding your home to create enough workspace for the roofing contractor. Remove items surrounding your patio, yard, or deck to prevent them from getting damaged. Cover the landscape close to your home with a tarp.

Roof Contractor Preparations

One of the crucial steps before a metal roof installation is finding the right roofing contractor. During the consultations with prospective professionals, you should expect them to conduct a site inspection.

The main objective of the site inspection is for the metal roofing contractor to prepare themselves for the job. They will look at penetration points, low spots, roof access, roof planes, gutters, and surrounding landscape. The process also involves field measurements to estimate the size of the roof, metal material choices, accessories, add-ons like solar panels, and preventative maintenance.

Roofing Material Inspections

A roofing contractor is normally involved in ordering roofing materials. Before they order metal roofing materials, you should choose a warranty option. After the roofing materials are delivered, your roofing contractor will inspect the bill of lading to ensure all the metal roofing materials have been delivered. 

Next, they will check for damages like scratched paint or dents on the metal roofing materials. If there are any damages, your contractor will order replacement metal roofing materials.

Removal and Repair

When removing an old metal roof, the roofing contractor will have to remove the old roof base. If the roof deck is damaged, it should be repaired before a new metal roof is installed. Ice and water shields, and underlayment should also be replaced. Metal roof installation over a damaged roof deck or base could lead to issues in the future.

Metal roofing installation is a long and tedious process. It is essential for all the initial steps to run smoothly before the metal roof is installed. Otherwise, you will have to deal with additional costs in the future. 

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