Does Your Commercial Roof Have A Leak? Common Causes You Should Know

When your commercial roof leaks, it can cause many issues in your business. One of the major concerns you may face is damage to expensive equipment and inventory. Moreover, indoor moisture can support mold growth, posing health concerns to your employees. Likewise, watermarks on the roof can ruin your clients' experience and lower your income. So, at the first sign of roof leaks, ensure that you schedule repairs from an experienced commercial roofing contractor. With that in mind, here's why your roof is leaking. 

Stagnant Water Resulting From Poor Drainage

During the construction of the commercial flat roof, contractors will create a slope to drain water properly. However, if your drainage isn't working as it should, water will start to pool on your roof and deteriorate the structure. In most cases, this issue can happen due to wear and tear or shifting of the building. As such, if you notice water pooling on your roof, contact a roofing professional to check for damage and undertake the necessary repairs.

Damage to the Roof Membrane

You should know that most commercial roofs have a protective layer that prevents water from penetrating through the roof. That said, this membrane will, over the years, wear out and lose its protective capabilities. This happens due to mechanical damage that results from shrinking and cracking or frequent foot traffic. The membrane can also fail if water leaks through it, causing saturation to the underlying insulation. Depending on the extent of damage to the membrane, your roofer will either patch it up or replace the membrane.

Damage to Your Roof Flashing

Commercial roof flashings are metal strips fitted around the elements protruding from the roof. These include chimneys, vent boots, and piping from the HVAC unit. You must note that flashing plays a crucial role in protecting the different sections of your roof against water leaks. However, when the flashing wears out or is damaged, it will allow water to enter your business interior. Hence, if you notice signs of water damage from areas around the flashing, call a roofer to inspect the flashing and make repairs.

The Age of Your Roofing System

Over time your commercial roof will experience significant wear and tear, leading to water leaks. Please note that different things can cause your commercial roof to age faster. These include the quality of the roofing material, poor DIY installation, and failure to schedule regular care. You must note that an old commercial roof will only lead to recurring and frequent repairs. Hence, it is best to replace the roofing material to keep leaks at bay. 

When your commercial roof leaks, it's advisable to use the services of an experienced roofing contractor for repairs or material replacement. This will ensure that you don't suffer extensive damage that may affect your bottom line.

Contact a local roofing company, such as Amigo Roofing, to learn more. 

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