Natural Wood Siding: Installation Tips For Homeowners

Natural wood siding is loved for its eco-friendly nature and warm aesthetics. If you want to add these materials to your home, make sure you observe the following installation protocols. They're your key to a stress-free setup. 

Give Wood Time to Acclimate 

Natural wood siding is different than say metal and vinyl siding because it needs time to acclimate (adjust to the surrounding environment). This is the first thing to plan for. After your natural wood materials come in from a siding supplier, leave them outside for a week or two.

This time period should be long enough to ensure your wood materials don't change properties on a day-to-day basis. Rather, they'll maintain their dimensions and thus be a lot easier to work with. You might just set up a tarp or tent system over these materials to keep them out of the elements. 

Use a Dependable Ladder

One of the most helpful tools you can use when setting up natural wood siding on your property's exterior is a ladder. It elevates your height and thus helps you place siding up near the roofline for instance. Just make sure you get a dependable ladder system to start this siding installation off on a smooth note.

The ladder should be made out of durable steel, support your specific weight, and have a stable base. Then you can work on this ladder with confidence when putting natural wood siding up near the top of your property's exterior. 

Install Mesh Wrap For Proper Airflow Behind Siding 

Regardless of how you set up natural wood siding on your property, water will eventually get behind these materials. That won't cause a problem if you make sure your siding has proper airflow. The areas that get wet behind this wood siding can dry out and thus keep damage from happening.

For proper airflow, use mesh wrap. It's easy to work with and has great airflow properties. You just need to secure these materials in place before you set up natural wood siding pieces. Once you cover the right areas, you can trust your new siding holds up just fine.

If you like the look of wood, you might want to put natural wood siding on your home's exterior. This installation project can go smoothly if you use the right tools, materials, and strategies. Take your time refining placement until you can work in a methodical, proven manner around your property. 

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