What To Expect When You Get A Roof Inspection For Your Asphalt Roof After A Hailstorm

If a strong storm with hail passed over your home, your roof could have significant damage even if your roof doesn't look too bad to your eye. Unlike metal which gets dents and clay and wood which can crack when hit by hail, the damage to asphalt shingles is more difficult to determine. Here are some things a contractor looks for when doing a roof inspection for hail damage.

Visible Property Damage

The contractor may walk around your home to look for damage on your property that indicates hail fell on your roof. If your gutters, AC condenser, and siding all have dents or cracks, there's a very good chance your roof has sustained damage too and needs a close inspection. If you're looking to file an insurance claim, you'll need proof of shingle damage to submit to your insurance agent.

Shingle Damage

The contractor has to go on the roof to examine the shingles up close since it may not be possible to see the hail strikes from the ground. The roofer looks for dented areas or bruised spots on the shingles. There might also be some cracked areas or bare spots where the hail knocked off granules.

This type of damage may not seem serious, but it can lead to roof leaks later on. The roofer may draw a chalk circle around each hail bruise on each side of the roof. If they're taking photos, they'll want to photograph each side of the roof and find areas where several hail strikes occurred close to each other.

This lets your insurance company know the hail damage is widespread. With this type of evidence, your insurance company may be more inclined to pay for a new roof even if your current roof isn't very old.

Flashing And Skylight Damage

Flashing and skylight damage alone may not be enough for an insurance claim, but you'll want to know about all of the damage on your roof so the estimate for repairs will be accurate. Flashing may be punctured or dented and skylights may be cracked or knocked out. The roof inspection includes looking for all types of damage. Any areas of roof damage need to be repaired to keep out the rain.

Hail doesn't always cause extensive damage to an asphalt shingle roof, especially when the stones are tiny. However, when hail is big enough or when your roof is old enough, damage can be severe enough to warrant the need for a new roof. Fortunately, your insurance coverage may pay for a roof replacement as long as you don't wait too long to file a claim.

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