Frequently Asked Questions About An Annual Roof Inspection

It is recommended that you have your residential roof inspected on an annual basis. Unfortunately though, many homeowners do not have this completed. They may not realize that they should have their roof inspected every year or they may not realize the importance of having it completed. Here are a few commonly asked questions pertaining to annual roof inspections which may help you understand more about roof inspections and why they are so important. 

Does Everyone Need Their Roof Inspected Annually? 

Everyone should have their roof inspected at least once a year. If you have a commercial roof, an old roof, or a roof that has encountered numerous issues, you may need two inspections per year. Additionally, you may need to schedule a roof inspection after a large storm passes through your area if you suspect hail or heavy winds may have damaged your roofing materials. 

Why Is an Annual Roof Inspection So Important?

An annual roof inspection is so important because it allows a professional to see your roof and assess its condition. You cannot see the top of the roof from the ground, so having a roofer actually see the top of your roof is important. A roofer will be looking for signs of any type of damage during their roof inspection, including damaged or missing roofing materials, roofing materials that are curling or splitting, or signs of leaks.

In addition to being able to see the damage, an annual roof inspection is important because it documents the condition your roof is in. This is important if you need to file a homeowner's claim due to damage to your roof or file a roof warranty claim. 

What Does a Roofer Do During an Annual Roof Inspection? 

During a roofing inspection, a roofer will inspect the top of your roof. They may walk on your roof, or they may use a drone to capture images above your roof. They will also inspect all elements of your roof, including vent caps and flashing, for signs of damage. If you have an attic space or crawl space underneath the roof, the roofer may also enter this space. If the underside of your roof has water stains, this is a good indication there is a leak present, so a roofer will be looking for any water staining. 

If it has been a year or longer since your roof was last professionally inspected, now is a great time to make an appointment for your annual roof inspection. Reach out to your preferred roofing company today to schedule your appointment.

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