Understanding Threats To Your Home's Roof

You may take your home's roof for granted, but it is crucial in protecting you and your belongings from the elements. Knowing more about the threats to this part of the home and the repairs it may require can empower you to maintain your property more effectively.

Asphalt Shingles Will Eventually Crack And Blister 

The asphalt shingles on your roof are prone to cracking and blistering due to years of exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, severe weather, and condensation. In particular, UV radiation can be especially harmful to asphalt shingles. These rays of light can cause the shingles to become brittle. Combating this issue will require a reflective coating to block this wavelength of light.

Roof Damage And Wear Can Increase The Risk Of Pest Problems Developing

Once your roof has suffered surface damage, it can be far more vulnerable to damage from rodents and other pests. The weakened state of the roof can make it much easier for these pests to enter the home. Unfortunately, the presence of these pests may lead to further damage to the roof and the house's interior. After repairing the roofing damage, the house's interior needs professional treatment to eliminate any pests that entered through the opening in the roof.

Wind Is Not The Only Storm Damage Your Roof Can Experience

During a strong storm, high winds can be one of the leading causes of roof damage. However, these winds are not the only way a storm can harm your roof. Impacts from large hail can leave dents and cracks in the roof. These roofing damages will directly cause leaks to develop. Winter storms can also cause major roofing damage. Ice dams and other large accumulations of snow or ice can easily cause severe damage to a roof. The massive weight of these materials can damage the roof and the supports that hold it up. Manually breaking up these accumulations is one method for dealing with this roofing problem. However, if your area regularly receives large winter storms, installing an electric roof warming system may be a more convenient solution.

Poor Ventilation Can Lead To Roof Damage

A roof will require good ventilation to avoid significant water damage. When the roof is poorly ventilated, moisture will become trapped in this space. Over time, the moisture can rot the roof's supports. When this rot becomes severe, roofing panels may sag. The roof will need significant repairs by the time you notice this damage. However, proactively installing ventilation upgrades can lessen these threats.

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