4 Impressive Reasons To Choose High-Quality Shingles

Shingles are the most common roofing material for modern homes. There are a variety of reasons that homeowners choose this material for their homes. This option is versatile and available at different price points, which makes them an ideal solution for individuals who need a new roof but have a modest budget. Ideally, homeowners should choose high-quality shingles if their budgets permit. The following points highlight a few of the benefits of choosing high-quality shingles.

Fire Retardant Qualities

The sources of house fires vary. Individuals may have issues such as electrical defects that put their homes at risk for electrical fires. They may not know these dangers exist until a fire occurs. Low-quality shingles will permit a house fire to spread rapidly. This can lead to a total loss. High-quality shingles are rated Class A and flames from fires spread slower, which could make a significant difference in containing the fire and preventing a total loss.

Wind Resistance

Some areas of the country are known to have high wind events during certain seasons. Due to global warming, there are also areas that may inexplicably encounter weather events involving high winds that can cause roof damage. Shingles have wind speed ratings that are rated mph. Higher mph ratings are indicative that the shingles can tolerate higher speeds and are less prone to blowoffs.

Noise Reduction

Homeowners may be subjected to a variety of outside annoyances due to situations that are out of their control. Homes that are located near busy roadways may have noise disturbances from vehicles blowing horns or traveling near the residence. There are also neighborhoods that have dogs and children. This can create noise throughout the day, and no one can predict when a dog barks all night. High-quality shingles can reduce the noise that enters homes. This noise buffering can be further enhanced when individuals invest in other home improvement projects such as upgrading their windows and home insulation.


High-quality roofing also allows individuals to choose from a more diverse group of shingles. They will be able to choose the color of shingles that best matches their homes. There are also modern designs available that differ in appearance from traditional asphalt shingles.

A roofing contractor is a good resource to use to compare shingles. They can help homeowners find the best shingles to match their budgets, preferences, and expectations. Roofers can also explain warranty details and the importance of roofing maintenance to avoid issues. 

For more info, contact a local roofing contractor

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