A Look At How Aluminum And Steel Metal Roofing Compare

If you're thinking of getting a metal roof, you might wonder if aluminum or steel is the best choice. Both are good options, but there are times when one choice is better than the other. Here's how these two types of metal roofing compare and when it's a good time to choose steel or aluminum.

Aluminum Roofing Is Lightweight And It Doesn't Rust

Two advantages of aluminum roofing are that it doesn't rust and it's lighter than steel. If you live near the coast and salt spray from the ocean or gulf could hit your house, then a roofing contractor would probably recommend an aluminum roof so you don't have to worry about salt spray causing rust.

Another time aluminum roofing might be preferred is when you need a lightweight roof because you're putting on a second layer of roofing or some other reason. Aluminum is lighter than steel, so it's the best choice when weight matters.

Another advantage of aluminum roofing is that it is a little better at reducing solar warming than steel. However, steel also helps keep your home cooler, so the difference you'll see from aluminum may not be enough to warrant the extra cost.

The main disadvantage of aluminum roofing is that it costs more than steel. The price of each type of roofing fluctuates with changes in market metal prices, but aluminum tends to be more expensive than steel.

Steel Resists Hail Damage And Denting

Since steel is thicker than aluminum, it's stronger and resists denting. Denting is a potential problem with aluminum roofing since it's thin and lightweight. An aluminum roof could be covered in dents after a hailstorm.

Steel roofs tend to be the most popular choice in metal roofing, and there are many colors to choose from. If you want a bright, colorful roof, you may need to go with steel. Steel roofing costs less, so it's better to install when you have a tight budget.

Steel and aluminum roofs have a few differences. Steel is better for a tight budget and when you live where hailstorms are possible, and aluminum is best for coastal areas of the country. However, there are many areas where aluminum and steel have the same qualities.

Aluminum and steel both have long lifespans and they resist damage from animals and insects. Both are more energy efficient than asphalt shingles and are attractive additions to your home. Your roofing contractor can advise you on whether steel or aluminum metal roofing is best for your home depending on your local climate and your budget. 

For more info about metal roofing, contact a local company. 

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