Flat Roof Repairs That Your PVC Membrane Roof Might Need

PVC membrane roofing that's used for flat roofs is durable, but it can be damaged. For instance, hail strikes can crack the membrane or put holes in it. Fortunately, these repairs are fairly easy to do. The important thing is to catch damage early before any rain gets through the crack or hole and causes water damage to the insulation boards. Here's how flat roof repairs can be done on a PVC membrane roof.

Repairs To Fine Cracks

Crazing can sometimes develop on membrane roofing. These are tiny cracks that look similar to alligator cracking on asphalt. They start as tiny cracks and get worse over time. Once the cracks are large enough, the roofing needs to be replaced. However, when the cracks are tiny, the roof can often be restored with a coating. The coating is applied over the membrane to protect it and to keep water out of the cracks. A roof coating can extend the life of a membrane roof so you can postpone a replacement.

Repairs To Large Cracks

Larger cracks can happen when hail or another object impacts the roof. If there are only a few cracks, the area can be repaired with patches made of PVC roofing material. The roofer cuts a patch out of the material that's larger than the damaged area so the damage is completely covered by the patch.

The area is cleaned first so the patch can adhere well. Then the patch is fused to the membrane by using a heat welder and a roller. As the material heats up and fuses together, the roofer runs the roller along the patch to force the patch against the membrane for a watertight seal.

Repairs To Water-Damaged Boards

PVC membrane roofing is installed on top of insulation boards. If a leak develops, the boards can soak up water. These may need to be replaced when the membrane is repaired. If so, the boards can be removed and replaced with new ones once the membrane is lifted out of the way.

If a large portion of the boards are wet, the entire roof may need to be replaced. That's why it's important to check a flat roof regularly and make repairs as soon as they're needed. This helps prevent the need for extensive flat roof repairs or a roof replacement.

Repairs To Loose Seams

Since the seams on a PVC roof are bonded together with a heat welder, they don't come apart very easily. However, it's possible for a gap to form along a seam, and when it does, it should be repaired immediately to keep rain out. This flat roof repair is done the same way a patch is applied. The sides of the seam are welded together or patched so the area is watertight.

For more information about flat roof repairs, reach out to a local service. 

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